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Profitable Portfolios

Trading in EmpireOption is very easy, you just need to predict if Apple share price will go up or down in a span of time determined by you, and you can earn up to 81% profit for every successful operation. Invest in Apple and other stock assets, currencies or commodities to make your portfolio successful and diverse.

Binary Options

Binary Options are a revolutionary way of investing. It's an excellent financial instrument to keep your money safe in times of crisis and invest in the short, mid and long term with stock, currencies or commodities.

Most Profitable Assets

  • Apple AAPL
  • Netflix NFLX
  • Microsoft MSFT
  • Google GOOG
  • Coca Cola KO
  • Facebook FB
  • Petrobras PBR
  • Disney DIS

How to open a trade?

* *Trading Area
Trade Panel Emulator
Choose an asset (stock, currencies, commodities or indices).
Select an expiry date (refers to the closure date of the operation)
Make your investment, from a minimum of 25 units
Trend of the trades made by other investors
Select "Call" if you think the price will go up.
Select "Put" if you think the price will go down.
Current asset´s value
Potential Payout
Payout percentage of the placed trade
Protected Amount

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